Live Wire

Julie Cochrane (
Fri, 10 May 1996 17:48:20 -0400


My name is Julie Cochrane and I am the Executive Director of an Internet
site called Models Online We are having a cyber
celebration with 500 people from the Fashion, Beauty and Communications
Arts industries on May 26th at the Dotcom Cafe in Toronto. The event has
been named Live Wire with all net proceeds going to breast cancer research
at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

I am posting this message since we are interested in setting up CU-SeeMe
technology at the event. We have one reflector to use for the event set up
at the DotCom Cafe This is set up for 25 users. We would
like to be able to link to other reflectors, so more people from all over
the world will be able to take part in our event.

If you can help or would just like to join in on the fun, please e-mail me
back -

More details on the event are available on our home page

Live Wire will become an annual event - where people from around the world
can raise money for their favourite charity, while connecting cultures and
celebrating cyber technology.


Julie Cochrane
Executive Director, Models Online
(416) 536-1218