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Actual i have not. As a Unix user familiar with the common practice of
using Unix, I feel uncomfortable using 'commercial software' while
donating my computer for the worlds use.

Unix has a tradition of being a 'freeware' environment rather than a
commercial one. The concept is that I 'donate' my resources,
equipment, knowledge, time, and so do others. The net effect is that I
profit, they profit, we all profit. I do not have to spend my time
reinventing the wheel, and nor does anyone else.

This is why I have a conflict using 'shareware', 'nag-ware', or
'commercial ware'. If I understand the concept correctly, White Pine
and other commercial vendors want me to donate my 'bandwidth', yes I
am paying for it, and my computer hardware to further their aims of
producing a commercially viable product that has/is gained general
acceptance in the public market place. In other words they want me to
help develop their software's popularity by providing a place for
folks to connect and reflect, without paying me for doing so.

I am sure most commercial vendors know that my, and others, act of
providing a connection point helps to further their goals. I refuse to
pay for the privilege of helping them.

Please do not misunderstand me. They have a right to act in a
commercial environment. They have the right to sell their products.
They have the right to reap the rewards of their time and effort. The
problem is that they are doing so on the skirts of others who have
developed much, if not all, of the medium that they are now able to
thrive on. Much of what has developed with the use of the Internet has
been done so by those who do so without any reward save the
satisfaction of having done so.

Commercial interests are trying to "reshape" the Internet into another
market place for their personal gain, while not giving anything in
return. I have a fundamental problem with this use of publicly
developed systems in this way.

In summary, I will continue to provide those resources I am able
to, and will continue to use those resources available to me in a
'freeware' system. I will use my skill, as much as possible, to help
develop a 'free' information system that I believe will be and is
beneficial to society. I will further attempt wherever possible to
thwart the use of that system by those I feel are abusing it.

The above is my opinion. I respect the rights of others to disagree
with my views and their right to voice that disagreement. I do however
reserve the right to continue to disagree with them.

God, bet you didn't think you were going to get a sermon.....:-)

> Hello, Jay, thanks for the response and the solution. It
> worked. It is very odd, but it worked. I would never have
> thought of that in a million years.
> I was told by Brian O Shea of Whitepine to try out the
> Whitepine Reflector. I have downloaded and installed it.
> However, I am unable to figure out where to stick the IP
> address of my Server. The reflect.conf file does not seem
> to have place. Also, I can't figure out where to stick the
> Licence Number for the product which I got from Whitepine.
> Have you used the Whitepine relfector? Could you tell me
> where to place those two numbers. Would appreciate the
> assist. Thanks a bunch.
> Javaid Qazi.
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