Cornell + WhitePine= Ini.War?

LiDaNe (
Sat, 11 May 1996 11:44:59 -0500

Problem 1: We have installed the WhitePine CuSeeMe, and are using it---
BUT we would like to continue to use the Cornell CuSeeMe also,
maintaining Cornell CuSeeMe's settings.
Right now, Cornell is not responding probably because the ini files
in the Windows/system directory belong to WhitePine (Cornell's are
now listed as Cuseeme.old
What would be the correct way to restore Cornell while allowing WPine
to continue? Please DON"T suggest renaming the ini file everytime we
open a session!
Problem 2: We are still contemplating the Quickcam vs.Videocard. We
have seen a lot of great video with the QCam, but have also seen
exceptional video (SQueez) with card. Thoughts on this? E-mail us!