EVENT reminder: Smiles Mother's Day Telethon

Sat, 11 May 96 13:51:14 EST

Just a reminder to tune into the Mother's day Telethon beginning
tonight at 7pm EST.

Event Summary:

This year the Mother's Day Telethon comes to the Internet! The Children's
Hospital at Chedoke-McMaster is having its annual telethon and is hoping the
Internet community will show its support. We will be simulcasting the live event
broadcast by CHCH11 television on CU-Seeme beginning Sat May 11
7pm EST thru Sun May 12, 7pm EST. Visit the Telethon Web site at:
http://www.Smiles.Interlynx.net for more information and to make your pledge.

We'd like to thank Weslink Datalink Corp., White Pine Software,
Sun Microsystems, Western Co-Axial, Rogers Cablesystems and
Digex for helping us make this event a success.

The reflectors are broadcasting now. Check out: - primary Interlynx - Chedoke-McMaster Hospitals - White Pine Software - ISP-TV Digex

Tune in and support the Children's Hospital at Chedoke-McMaster.