Re: Cornell + WhitePine= Ini.War?

George (
Sat, 11 May 1996 20:38:48 GMT

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>11 May 96 George wrote the following re:Re: Cornell + WhitePine=
>> >Problem 1: We have installed the WhitePine CuSeeMe, and are using it---
>> >BUT we would like to continue to use the Cornell CuSeeMe also,
>> >maintaining Cornell CuSeeMe's settings.
>> >Right now, Cornell is not responding probably because the ini files
>> >in the Windows/system directory belong to WhitePine (Cornell's are
>> >now listed as Cuseeme.old
>> >What would be the correct way to restore Cornell while allowing WPine
>> >to continue?
>> I have installed White Pine version on top of the Cornell version. It
>> automatically created it's own "cuseeme.000" ini file. Unlike most
>> human beings, those two programs, so far, co-exists peacefully
>> together.
>Hey George--- when we installed WhitePine it renamed the old Cornell
>ini file as Cuseeme.000 and put its own name as cuseeme.ini---
>of course in your case you laid WhitePine over Cornell, so you no
>longer have Cornell's cuseeme.exe, correct?????
Wrong. When I said on top, I meant I didn't erase the Cornell
version. I probably expressed myself wrong, but I also said that I
have both versions and they live peacefully together. I use them
BOTH. That means, of course, that I have "cuseeme.exe".

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