Re: Cornell + WhitePine= Ini.War?

Daniel W. Erskine (
Sat, 11 May 1996 20:06:03 -0500

LiDaNe wrote:
> Hello!
> Problem 1: We have installed the WhitePine CuSeeMe, and are using it---
> BUT we would like to continue to use the Cornell CuSeeMe also,
> maintaining Cornell CuSeeMe's settings.
> Right now, Cornell is not responding probably because the ini files
> in the Windows/system directory belong to WhitePine (Cornell's are
> now listed as Cuseeme.old
> What would be the correct way to restore Cornell while allowing WPine
> to continue? Please DON"T suggest renaming the ini file everytime we
> open a session!
> Problem 2: We are still contemplating the Quickcam vs.Videocard. We
> have seen a lot of great video with the QCam, but have also seen
> exceptional video (SQueez) with card. Thoughts on this? E-mail us!

Greetings, all:
I understand the problem. I would like to ask the following of both White
Pine's and Cornell's CU-SeeMe development staff:

White Pine & Cornell:
Is there a way that we can maintain both versions (commercial & public domain)
of CU-SeeMe AND their associated initialization files, in their own installed
directory locations instead of the default "x:\WINDOWS" directory???
Also, is there a way to maintain the reflector listings as a separate database
file, external to the "cuseeme.ini" files?

Let me know what you think,
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