Initialization Strings
Sun, 12 May 96 12:58:11 PDT

Dear List,

I'm beginning to wonder whether some of the poor performance I'm
experiencing with CUSM might be attributable to error correction
and/or data compression in the modem(s) I use. Can someone supply
recommended modem initialization strings?

System #1: Pentium 120Mhz, 16 MB ram, DOS 6.22, WFW 3.11, 28.8
V.34/V.42/V.42bis modem, White Pine Enhanced CUSM, B&W QuickCam.

System #2: 486-DX 100Mhz notebook, 16 MB ram, DOS 6.22, WFW 3.11,
28.8 V.34 PCMCIA modem, White Pine Enhanced CUSM, B&W QuickCam, SB
compat. sound card.

System #3: Same as #1 except Motorola BitSurfr on a 57.6 KB ISDN

Performance (All systems): Most windows fill very slowly, frequently
never completely, lots of "PicassoCam" effect, like a jigsaw puzzle
put together wrong. KBPS/FPS rarely venture above 0/0. Performance
equally bad on a reflector with only 3 or 4 participants as one with
15-20. Even 1:1 connections have been disappointing. Particularly
puzzling: Data activity LEDs on the BitSurfr indicate data is
coming/going at a frantic rate, yet CUSM doesn't seem to be doing
anything with the data, hence my first supposition. If I close
actively sending windows, the ones remaining open do not noticably
improve. No amount of diddling with send/receive rates has had any
effect. Could my ISP be at fault? I've tried three different ones
and have yet to get satisfactory performance. Currently using PSI
and Erols (both support dial-up ISDN) Would like to email with
anyone in the Washington DC/Baltimore area who has a successfully
operating system.

In situations when it is not possible to send video, is it possible
or permissible to "send" a QuickCam still so that refs that do not
allow lurkers will at least allow you to connect? How? i.e., how to
"fool" CUSM into thinking a cam/capture device is connected.

Also wondering about using programs like CineVideo, Freevue, and
Vidcom for 1:1 after initial contact/hand shaking/IP exchange over

Other suggestions gratefully accepted. Private/list replies.

E-mail: (John Grant)
Date: 05/09/96
Time: 21:05:41

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E-mail: (John Grant)
Date: 05/12/96
Time: 12:43:25

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