New Mac Beta after May 15?

Carlo Borreri (
Sun, 12 May 1996 20:59:55 +0100

Hi there,

I'm using Cu-Seeme from few time, Windows version W0.84B7.
My system acquires images through a VideoBlaster card, and
uses a Sound Blaster Pro as sound interface.

I have some questions:
a) how is it possible to connect directly an internet user
without using a reflector?
Is it sufficient to specify the IP address of the other user ?
b) is the MAC version very different from the Windows one ?
c) Runnung Cu-Seeme without the internet connection active,
for test, the local image appears in very few gray tonality,
while with the Internet connection active, that image seems
to have more gray colors. Someone has the same problems ?



Carlo Borreri
Via Gobetti 2
43036 Fidenza (PR)