Re: Cornell + WhitePine= Ini.War?

Frederick G. Pitts (
Sun, 12 May 1996 20:13:59 GMT

On May 11, 1996 11:44:59, '"LiDaNe" <>' wrote:

>Problem 1: We have installed the WhitePine CuSeeMe, and are using it---
>BUT we would like to continue to use the Cornell CuSeeMe also,
>maintaining Cornell CuSeeMe's settings.
>Right now, Cornell is not responding probably because the ini files
>in the Windows/system directory belong to WhitePine (Cornell's are
>now listed as Cuseeme.old
>What would be the correct way to restore Cornell while allowing WPine
>to continue? Please DON"T suggest renaming the ini file everytime we
>open a session!

There is a easy solution for this , Found by accident.
First move Cornell's CU.INI to a different directory . Next rename WPine's
to WPCUSEE or any other name. Run WPines CU using the new name , you will
have to renter your settings.
After that exit WPine's CU and it will make a INI file using the new name.
Return Cornell's CU.INI back into it's old directory.
Now you can use both versions without carupting each other INI files.

>Problem 2: We are still contemplating the Quickcam vs.Videocard. We
>have seen a lot of great video with the QCam, but have also seen
>exceptional video (SQueez) with card. Thoughts on this? E-mail us!

I have the Quickcam. Have not used a video card so I can't realy help you
on this.