Enhanced CUseeme

Richard Collins (rcollins@mirror.det.mun.ca)
Sun, 12 May 1996 20:04:04 -0230

It's time to give this program it's due. I purchased this from White
Pine three weeks ago and have been amazed at the quality of the audio and
video at 28,800. The default settings are just perfect with audio set to
8.5k mode. I've had fluid audio without breakup with persons around the
world and I get a lot of: "Wow, you're coming in at 4fps all the time".
I use the color of White Pine. The audio is still getting a hard time
from a lot of people on this list but it's as near to perfect as I would
expect on a modem.

I run a Pentium 66 with a USR vfast modem 28,800 which connects to my
computer on campus rather then an ISP. I run a reflector that we run a
lot of inhouse video on and even that kind of content broadcast in color
and 8.5k audio works great remotely.

My only suggestion to White Pine is to take one of the ports on their
reflector and devote it to NASA in color and 8.5 audio. This would be
the test subject that everyone is looking for to understand the extent of
the quality.

White Pine has done an amazing job in developing this product and Cornell
should also be applauded for bringing it up to this point and allowing
White Pine to enhance it.

Until you see the enhanced quality you may tend to blame the program for
things more readily addressed by modem setup, internet provider or
computer power.

We'll be employing this program beyond the many uses we've already found
for the free Cornell version over the past 2 years. White Pine has truly
developed a "wicked" modem package.