Re: freevue

Bill Neisius (
Mon, 13 May 1996 08:16:09 -0700

At 12:03 AM 5/13/96 EDT, you wrote:
>Freevue can be downloaded from - about 400k. It is a
>product worth checking out although at 288 I still have very impoverished
>connections re. video and audio. Plus although I am not a prude freevue
>does seem to attract a lot of exhibitionists/voyeurs if you get my drift.

I find that FreeVue has much better video than CUSeeMe. With FreeVue I can
get [slow] video updates from 5 people at the same time at 28.8 kbps...
compared to almost non-existant updates using any of the CUSeeMe products.
I've also seen acceptable video from people running as slow as 14.4 kbps...
Plus, I can use the Chat Window in FreeVue; something that has never worked
for me under CUSeeMe.

The CU-Doodle program has been updated to work with the 64-grays required
by FreeVue. Version 0.7:

I've also written a small dialer to use with FreeVue, to replace the use
of a web browser to locate callers. Still sort of in beta test:

Yes, the exhibitionists/voyeurs on FreeVue are a major problem lately...
just reading through the user list is enough to keep most people away.
There is a solution to that however; something I'm testing right now.
FreeList (also in the test directory), allows access to multiple, alternate
user lists. The lists can either be open, or closed (requiring an access
password by email). All that is required to host a list is an http server,
capable of running a C-shell CGI script (Sys5 preferred)... Obviously, I
can't mention the address of the lists I'm using for testing...

Also noticed a difference in what people expect from CUSeeMe vs FreeVue.
In CUSeeMe, it's common to have a reflector with a dozen people connected,
all just staring at each other... seems to be more interaction on FreeVue.

Bill Neisius