Cu-Seeme won't launch

jonathan cohen (
Mon, 13 May 1996 10:28:58 -0800

Update your system to 7.5.3
Use the S-vhs connector not RCA adapter
Use opentransport 1.1
Download the new enhanced CUSM from white pine
Update quicktime to 2.1
Have fun!

This might seem like a general computer problem, rather than being
specific to Cu-Seeme, but I'm not having any problems with any other
programs, so I thought I'd ask here.

I'm having troubles getting Cu-Seeme to even launch. I'm running it on a
PowerMac 8100 (details below). When I first downloaded it, it launched
just fine, and I got an image of myself in the video window. Ran out of
time to find a reflector & test it, so I thought I'd try it later.

However, every time I try to launch it now, it freezes my system. I've
tried turning off all my extensions, tried the System 7.5 extensions,
plus a very basic version with just Mac TCP and Quicktime extensions
loaded. Also tried the 68K version, and re-downloaded the PPC version in
case I'd somehow corrupted it. All to no avail. It still crashes every
time. The camera works fine, and I've tested the AV card with
VideoMonitor and Premiere and there's no problem there.

The bizarre thing is that it seemed to launch & work fine the first time
I tested it. Anybody got any suggestions (other than reinstalling the
complete system software)? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jonathan Cohen

Computer Model/Name/Speed: Macintosh PowerPC 8100/80av (24MB RAM)
Operating System (version): OS 7.5.2
MacTCP version:
Quicktime Version:
Make/Model of video card: N/A - built-in
Make/Model of audio card: Apple built-in sound
Make/Model of Monitor: NEC 5FG
Monitor Settings: 832 x 624,
Thousands of colours
Make/Model of camera: Panasonic SVHS
Make/Model of microphone: Camera mic
Version of CU-SeeMe used: 0.83b3 (PPC)