CU-SEEME and Mbone

Antonio F. Gomez Skarmeta (
Tue, 14 May 96 10:56:09 met

Hi, I am new in this list so sorry if the questions I ask are not adequate.

I am try to put in connection Cu-Seeme and Mbone. As I have seen up to now
the connection is only possible from Cu-Seem to the Mbone using the
reflector. Weel the first problem is that although I have read the
reflector.conf parameters several times I do not know how to make the
connection. Can someone help me with an example of configuration?

The second questions is how to connect the NV program with teh reflector
and Cu-Seeme. I have configured the NV-UC-PORT but when I connect with NV
to that port I do not see anything.

Thanks in advance
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