Re: Mac Crash - error 11

Brad Ferrell (
Tue, 14 May 1996 13:52:33 -0800

Throw out your preferences for CUSM, evrytime that it crashes. You also
might want to check your file structure integrity with Norton Disk Doctor
or another utility program. Try the new enhanced CUSM from White Pine, its

>Seems like everything with Mac version 0.83b3 had been going just fine for
>me until yesterday when upon launching CU-SeeMe now causes a system error
>type 11.
>Extension conflict? No other problems with other Internet Apps
>(Mac 7500/100 - UT Slip dial-up connection)
>Crashed & Clueless?
>Make sure to do a restart when using CU-SeeMe......allowing for contiguous
>memory. Never quit Netscape and open CU-SeeMe....Netscape can really grown
>during a session and eat up memory. Also, if you're using audio...don't
>move....your moving picture plus the audio will take up too much bandwidth.

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