Re: CU-SeeMe Questions

Keith Blair (
Tue, 14 May 1996 23:09:21 -0400

At 07:54 PM 5/14/96 -0700, you wrote:

>I've got just about the exact configuration as you and having almost
>identical problems. Wonder if there's something wrong with the

I guess it's a possibility..

>If you want to see yourself, you need to use the local video (think it's called
>CTRL L) and your own screen will pop up.

This I already know - seeing myself isn't the problem.

>other people seem to have the capability of graying out their own images
>and can't figure how the hell they do that..wish I knew.

It's easy. Just freeze your video. Anyone coming in after you've frozen your
video will not see your picture because it isn't being transmitted anymore.
They will see Gray. Those that had your picture on their screens when you
froze it will have what you froze because they received the last
transmission of it. Get it?

>I'll keep your message and if I learn anything, I'll be happy to let you
>know. If you find out anything, I'd sure appreciate the same.

Not a problem - much appreciated.

>Unike you, I've tried to make the sound work - can hear others,
>but can't transmit. Gotta work on that too.

I'm not pushing my luck, yet.. :)

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