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Wed, 15 May 1996 10:49:38 GMT

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>>1. There most definitely is a "new" V34 USR Sportster which represents
>> a total, radical redesign over those V34 Sportsters which were the
>> subject of the rave reviews in the magazines last year.
>>2. This "new" V34 Sportster is currently in distribution with firmware
>> eprom dates of:
>> 09-19-95
>> 10-13-95
>> 10-18-95
>> 01-11-96
>> All of which have been observed to contain operational anomalies in
>> various stages of evolution. The major bugs in 09-19, 10-13 and
>> 10-18 firmware manifest themselves as interoperability and
>> connectivity problems, ie, inability to connect without placing
>> multiple attempts and a propensity to abort that connection once
>> made. They also have been observed to simply freeze up when trans-
>> mitting data. The freeze-up problem continues in 01-11-96 firmware.

Even though its serial # labels him as likely to be troublesome, I am
happy to report that I have NO connectivity or freeze up problems with
the new USR Sportster 28.8kbps model v.34I that I bought 10 days ago.

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