LiDaNe (lumal@NetHeaven.com)
Wed, 15 May 1996 07:39:55 -0500

Hello fellow CuSeeMe enthusiasts!
I am desperate after days of tinkering!
I wrote the doodle master but he may be too busy to reply, so I ask
any of you:
I have the CuDoodle.dll now, but i am getting "static" in the video
window instead of a picture. Am I using the correct procedures?
I have tried both starting up CuSeeMe first, trhen PaintShopPro to
display my pic and vice-versa. ONE time it looked like there were 4
vertically "scrunched" images of what I was trying to display.
I see a lot of references on the list to SETTINGS... so maybe I need
to tweak those... The same thing happens on FreeVue...
As I cannot afford a cam at the moment (and given the lunkeheadedness
of my computer system which undergoes a major crash whenever I
introduce it to something new) I would LOVE to get the Doodle working
properly... You can e-mail me privately or send it to the list...
that's up to you... (If your e-mail is especially long then just send
to me)... I am running 14.4modem, 486, 1gig HDD, 8mg Ram...
If your system is similar, please give me as much info as possible as
to your structure/settings so I can try to duplicate your success!
Dave Lucas (and Kia Nishikawa) for LiDaNe