MORE CuDoodle

LiDaNe (
Wed, 15 May 1996 09:06:14 -0500

I have received several private and one public reply to my query...
the suggestion in question DOES NOT WORK---
"captest.exe" is USELESS. It needs a video driver already installed
to work. (I get a box saying "call to undefined dynalink")
In my situation, I am without camera. Without driver.
CuDoodle Works, but I have now DEFINITELY confirmed
that my visible screen displays, within the top half of the CuSeeMe
picture frame, 4 scrunched together vertical images of what the
Capture window is resting upon....."static" all along the bottom half.
So I am indeed getting the video into the window--- it now is a
question of resolving that messed up image into one single viewable
image. Again, I appeal to anyone who could help, including the
program author. Whatever needs to be done to get CuDoodle running
properly must certainly be a simple fix.
Please e-mail suggestions.