Re: Capturing
Wed, 15 May 1996 15:01:30 ARG

dennis wrote:

> Hello Jazzy,
> You did not mention what O/S you are using. If you are using Windows95, then
> I can recommend "SnapShot/32" a shareware program. It works quite well. You
> can find it at:
> But boy is this one place where I miss my trusty ole Macintosh! With just a
> fancy hotkey (shift-command-3) I could capture the desktop any old time.

Its amazing that a lot of people don't know that under windows 3.1
and windows 95 pressing <ALT-PRTSC> you send the desktop to the
clipboard. Just paste it back in your favorite app. to edit or print.
It seems that people don't read HELP files any more.
(or might be that spanish help files comes different ? :-))



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