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Wed, 15 May 1996 18:17:18 -0400

At 11:10 PM 5/15/96 -0500, you wrote:

>Settings, settings, settings. MOST of these types of problems are due to
>incorrect communication settings. You didn't tell us what your trans/rec
>settings are, but I bet they need to be brought down some.

Bill, did you read my message? <Grin> I *did* state what my settings are.
For transmit I have MIN: 1 MAX: 18 (Have tried setting max as low as 5!)
and for receive I have MIN: 1 MAX: 28. This is with a 28.8k modem on a
486/100 w/32mb ram and Win95. (All stated in my original message)

>Also, do NOT use SLIRP unless you really know what you are doing. Slirp
>usually does not work for CU unless you have told it to redirect the data
>back to you (I forget how this is done, but there is a SLIRP FAQ web page
>out there somewhere).

I'm not having a problem that's being caused by SLiRP. I can use CU-SeeMe
just fine with my shell account and SLiRP. I can connect, see people, have
people see me, etc, just as normal. (I've not tried having someone connect
directly to me with it, and that would probably be what YOU are talking
about - but I don't have a desire to try that right now anyway)

Until I run into the problem that I stated in my original message. However I
do not believe this to be related to SLiRP at all since it happens in the
EXACT same manner as on my true PPP account with the same regularity. (ie:
Most of the time, I do connect using my true PPP account.) And, for the most
part, I really do know what I'm doing. :)

Please see my original message, below, again if you'd like.

-------------------[Original Message]-------------------------------------
>>Hello, I've been having a few CU-SeeMe problems that I was hoping someone
>>might be able to help me with.
>>I've got the Enhanced CU-SeeMe in demo mode right now, and have a 28.8k
>>modem. I dial up into a PPP account, or a shell account using SLiRP -
>>depending on which I connect to first.. I have my receive in CU-SeeMe set
>>for MIN: 1 MAX: 28 and my transmit is set for MIN: 1 MAX: 18 for the video
>>stuff. The audio, I don't use. I've really got two problems..
>>1. A *lot* of times, I'll type in the IP of a reflector to connect to, and
>>I'll get the "Contacted" message, and then on those that have various
>>conferences, I'll get the conference menu to choose which one I want, and
>>then it will say "Connecting to..". Then it just sits there. Finally, it
>>times out and gives me the "No response from.." message. Now, the strange
>>thing is, the people that are ON that reflector see a window pop up for me
>>as if I was connected. Nothing comes across the video (just blank gray
>>screen), and I never see anything except the "Connecting to.." message.
>>Also, if I have the Chat window open, and type, the people on the reflector
>>can see my messages. But I can't see them. This happens alot. I've tried
>>lowering my send rate as low as 5 and that didn't help. I've also changed my
>>conference setting to only allow 1 window open, and I've also tried
>>connecting with no video sending, and with no video receiving. I've also
>>tried restarting CU-SeeMe, and even restarting my PC. Doesn't really help.
>>2. Once, I was using CU-SeeMe, and could see everyone, and everyone could
>>see me, and I could see everything that everyone typed in the Chat window,
>>and I could see what I typed in the Chat window, but nobody else could see
>>what I was typing into the Chat window. They could see what I typed into my
>>video window however. Thinking this was just a problem with this particular
>>reflector, I went to 2 others. Same problem.
>>Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing either of the above?
>>Here's more detailed info on my system:
>>QuickCam (B&W) For PC/Windows
>>486/100 w/32mb RAM
>>1024x768 w/65k colors display
>>28.8k modem
>>CU-SeeMe Enhanced
>>Thanks in advance!

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