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>I was on the NASA TV CUCM and wanted to capture some things to show my
>students about the weather. I was not able to figure out how to do so. I
>am using White Pine's CUCM and a Quickcam. Is there a way I might be
>able to do this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Please excuse the HTML tags here...I took this straight from one of my web
page source files:

Here is how to capture your own (or someone else's) image (PC instructions):<p>

There are other programs that can do this, but I use <a
href="" target="_top">CLIPMATE</a>. CLIPMATE
allows you to capture multiple windows into memory, either the entire sceen,
or just the active window, and then save them to disk later.<p>

To use Clipmate, Click on Config, then make sure that Auto Capture has a
check by it. Now click on User Preferences. Within this dialog box, check
Always Save, Full Layout, and Menu On. Put a large number like 10,000 in
the "How many items" field, then click OK.<p>

>From now on when you want to capture a window, simply click on the window
you want to capture, so that it is the "active" window, then press
alt-printscreen. The window will be copied into the clipboard, and Clipmate
will grab it and store it in memory and give a sequential number. Also, any
time you use Edit/Copy in any editor, the text will be copied to the
clipboard, and to Clipmate.<p>

You can click on the small icon at the bottom right corner of Clipmate to
bring up a grid of thumbnails of the graphic images. From this you can
click on one image and then on Mag to magnify it back up to its original
size. From here, you can click on the eraser icon to erase the image from
memory and disk. I use this to get rid of the worst captures I got, and
keep the best ones.<p>

CLIPMATE saves the images in BMP format, which can be easily converted to
GIF or JPG. Go to this <a
href="" target="_top">Graphic
Utilites page</a> to get Lview Pro or any other graphic program of your
choice to convert it to GIF or JPG.<p>

Use <a href=""
for your email program and you can attach the file along with a message.<p>

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