Re:CuSeeMe versions

Bill Woodland (
Thu, 16 May 1996 21:49:39 -0500

>From: (Carlo Borreri)
>Subject: CuSeeMe versions
>Hello everybody,
>Please can someone explain me which CuSeeMe versions are
>available from White Pine ? (demo and official)
>Another question ?
>what is the difference between demo version and the official one ?
>If I download the demo version today, it will be possible to
>register it in the future or I'll need another complete software?
>Thanks a lot and best regards

The demo version of Enhanced CU-SeeMe from White Pine will only work for 30
days. After that time, if you PAY for it, they will send you a new serial
number, and you just enter it into the Enhanced CU-SeeMe and then it will
continue to work "forever" :)

The Cornell version of CU-SeeMe is freeware, does not require a serial
number, does not expire, and does not support color.

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