Mac freezes

Kurt Wanfried (
Thu, 16 May 1996 00:53:57 -0400

Dear listers: Wow, this list is busy.

I was hoping for come Mac advice. I'm running:

Quadra 630 w/20 megs of RAM.
Fresh install of System 7.5 with the new 7.5.3 updater.
I'm running Open Transport (Although I has same problem before OT)
I have at 28.8 modem on a 33.6kbs PPP connection with a good ISP.
I'm using Apple's stock video board w/camcorder attached.

The only version of CU-See Me that runs well is the old Cornell .80b, but
it won't allow me to send vid. The option is "greyed out" in my menus.

When I try .83, the screen freezes almost immediately, even when I'm not
sending or using local vid.

With Enhanced, It will run anywhere from 3-15 minutes (usually about 5)
before everything freezes up. Mouse won't move, locked. I've lowered the
setting in several steps to as low as 13 max in and out, turned off the
sound and only keep 2 windows upen to no avail. I'be increased the RAM
allocation to 12 megs. It doesn't have any effect.

I'd love to get Enhanced running or figure out how to send vid with old
Cornell. Has anyone solved a similar problem?

Thanks in advance.

- Kurt Wanfried