Question about video capture.

Deoksoo Song (
Thu, 16 May 96 16:34:32+090

I'm sorry to ask this question in this mailing list.

I'm making a funny video capture application like cuseeme.

I'm using Video For Windows to capture video streams to AVI format.

When I use AviCap class, I can capture video stream into memory(buffer) by this

capture =TRUE;
fpYieldCallback = MakeProcInstance((FARPROC)MyYieldCallback,AfxGetInstanceHandle());

capCaptureSequenceNoFile (hwndC);

The capCaptureSequenceNoFile() function captures video streams into memory.

But It doesn't return the POINTER OF BUFFER. So I don't know how to send the

AVI stream into network.

I think there is another method to get the pointer to memory buffer..