Re: Workable videoconferencing connections?

Forrest H. Swick (
Thu, 16 May 1996 12:21:54 -700 GMT

On 16 May 96 at 8:25, Dennis J. Streveler wrote:

At 11:11 PM 5/15/96 -0400, David I. Sommers, Ph.D. wrote:
>None of the products out there are easy and relaible enough yet for
>the average 288 dial-up user to make workable videoconferencing
>connections. PLEASE someone tell me I'm wrong.
>David Sommers


>Sorry, IMHO, your statement is correct as it stands. Additionally, I
>would say it is also true, at this time, for ISDN connections, as
>Dave in Phoenix

I have to disagree on the ISDN connections, a couple of weeks ago I
was in a video conference that was using ISDN a pictel cameras and I
was impressed, video was at 15 fps and audio was great, the only draw
back was the cost (>20k US$). So it is do able, but only on big


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