WPine Reflector

Thu, 16 May 96 14:30:31 PDT

Hullo All: This is a message for anyone who has deployed the Whitepine Reflector LINUX version..

I down loaded the one from the FTP site and unpacked the archive and did the refinstall and put
in all the relevant information (license num etc.) It all went pretty smoothly. I had already
deployed the Cornell reflector so I was familiar turf.

It put all the needed files in the target dir /usr/local/wpine. Then I changed to that area d nd
tried to start up the program with the command ./wpreflect & (just as I was instructed by the
manual in .pdf format which I had also downloaded.) Well, I got an error message:
"Can't find /usr/local/wpine/ ./wpreflect.linux"

I don't understand why I'm getting this message. Has anyone had a similar experience?
Any suggestions? Comments?

Paul Kingston at Whitepine is trying to help me, but so far I have not succeeded in making the
Reflector work.

He said I might need a "." in my Path statement. Could someone send me a sample Path statement
in their Linux setup. My path statements are in /etc/csh.login and also in etc/profile.

Oh, I'm running the Linux on a 486/66. Nothing fancy.
More later.

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