VideoPhone, telemedicine

Dennis J. Streveler (
Thu, 16 May 1996 15:29:34 -0700

At 01:33 PM 5/16/96 CST, you wrote:
> Has anyone looked at/used the Connectix VideoPhone? It supposedly
> does ISDN and 'Net but I haven't heard of anyone that has tried it
> out.
> Regards-
> Phil Elliott
> Sr Communications Engineer
> Hq Air Force Medical Support Agency
> Brooks AFB, Texas

Actually, no, Phil, I have not personally tried it. But the reviews of it I
have seen are not very encouraging. I sure would like to see Connectix team
up with another video company (why not White Pine!?!) What a great marriage
that would make.

Also, given your sig, are you experimenting with telemedicine in any way? If
so, we should compare notes. I predict an absolute explosion in that area
once these products settle down and graduate into robust, easy to use,
plug-n-play products. The application in mental health, prison health, rural
health, home health, etc etc are mind-boggling.


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