Re: gripe to list

elliot smith (
Fri, 17 May 1996 02:57:51 -0500

I respectfully disagree with Stephen and James. For those with Macintosh,
they would not know what the UU encoded file was and they might have liked
to know if someone was using the list to distribute a crack file. I had
written it off as someone who didn't understand list etiquette but now I
understand we were all the victim of some random vandalism. (No, my
wonderful theory about software piracy doesn't allow for using listserves
to pirate and I won't get into that anymore... :-)
Also it is always a good idea to post usage guidelines such as "thou shaly
not upload crap to listservs" so as to prevent other people from getting
the idea. One gripe could save us from having to download another
attachment. Not to mention it was really cool how Mr. Woodland kicked
Paul's ass, 'virtually'. :-)

>Wouldn't it have been more appropriate to send this as a personal reply,
>instead of to the entire list? Regards,

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