Cuseeme Execution Problem

Joseph Mattingly (
Fri, 17 May 1996 10:08:34 -0700

I sent the following Email(below) to a tech support center outlining my difficulties
getting Cuseeme to run properly.
I'm stumped. I've read your troubleshooting guide and and various nesws group. Called
Netcom. I really don't know where to turn. I was hoping you may have run into this
problem before? Can you lend a hand? I'd like to get this running before the turn of the
century! I now understand that my internet service provider(Netcom) assigns me a IP
Number and name for each session. After signing on I obtain that information and then
edit my hosts file. I place the hosts file in C:\windows\system. I still receive error
Sometimes I do not, but whether I receive error messages or not, the program will
minimize and stay that way. I can not maximize or restore. All I can do is close the

Below is the Email I sent previously:

I'm having difficulty getting Cuseeme to run. I'm using Windows 95. I connect to the
Internet using Netcom. I use netscape 2.0 for a browser. I use TCP/IP winsock from
windows 95. when I connect to the designated location,CUseeme runs(I've already
configured it as a helper application. Then it gives me the following error message:

Initopenrequest()gethostbyname()error 11004

So I continue and click on Ok. Next error message is:

error using specified IP address, hostname or alias

So I continue and click on Ok.
The program then minimizes(on windows task bar), but I cannot restore it. It will allow
me to close it but nothing else.

I've read about the host name error. Where should I get this information? Am I to use
Netcom's IP address. I tried that but did not seem to work. I'm sort of fuzzy on who my
host is. Do I need to have a permanent IP address or do I use netcom's(I've now
understand they provide me one,albeit a different one each time I log on)? Is an IP
the same as DNS address? HELP