Re: Want to test audio????!!!!???

Jim Howard (
Fri, 17 May 1996 01:55:09 GMT

-> I tried this site but didn't get audio. I'm pretty new to CUSeeMe
-> and have never gotten audio. Are there any tricks to setting this up?
-> Should I use the SB16 driver or change to the modem wave driver?
-> How can you figure out whether or not you should be hearing anything?

I am new to this also. There are people that can better answer
However.. I also have a SB16. I set it up and it worked OK.
The best way to find out if it works with CUSeeMe is to pick one
of the ref that transmit music or has NASA broadcast. Also get
someone to help you and go direct also if you need to do some
I got the duplex drivers off the internet. I had problems
installing them. I then attempted to copy them to the
c:\windows\system directory. DO NOT DO THAT! [grin] Two would
not copy over anyway.. they were protected. I had to re-install
the sound blaster but I did then get the new drivers installed.
I use 28.8 baud and sound is not that good. Shut down as
much as you can.. If your on direct freeze your window etc.
I was on the White Pine ref and two guys were testing sound
and it was excellent. I think the software will be improved
and we will all learn things.

I am also using a cheap mike. It cost $8.00 and I think a
better mike might help out some. Maybe some input from others
on this.
I was on with a Mac user and he said that he could use VOX.
You talk and then it will transmit. I could not get that to
work on the PC version that I am using, unless I did something