George (
Fri, 17 May 1996 22:42:08 GMT

Once my evaluation period expires, I decided not to shell out the $69
White Pine wants: the sound on their Enhanced version is choppy and
ultimately unintelligible. Maybe their next version will remedy to

So I decided to stick with the freeware Cornell version. Only
problem: once it detects sound (I got a half-duplex Sound Blaster), a
window pops up: "Will now upgrade ini file to full-duplex=no". (By
the way, mu cuseeme.ini file is already at full-duplex=no). No way to
get rid of that annoying window... and then my program CRASHES!

How to remedy this problem, dear cyber brothers and sisters? Do I have
to turn the audio off and be condemned to silence?

Nickname: argus1000