Re: Sportser modems

George (
Sat, 18 May 1996 19:31:47 GMT

On Sat, 18 May 1996 14:18:58 -0500, you wrote:

> Isn't there some other way for people to test their sportsers?
>Hasn't the modem maker suggested something? No? I didn't think so....
To test your Sportster, as well as to upgrade, you have to phone the
US ROBOTICS BBS .... (847) 982-5092 (not the WWW Site). Go in the
Main Menu. Follow the instructions from there on.

You can test your modem directly online and download the results. You
can also download or order an upgrade to 33.6kbps, if you're eligible
(won't do you any good, however, if your ISP doesn't support it)

You can also download a HELP file (named "") containing
more info.

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