Re: Want to test audio????!!!!???

Bill Woodland (
Sun, 19 May 1996 15:23:29 -0500

>From: "Dana Mulvany" <>
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>Subject: Re: Want to test audio????!!!!???
>> James Crittenden wrote:
>> > Dear Cuseeme Buddies:
>> > If you want a good site to test your audio go the the following:
>> >
>> >
>I tried this site but didn't get audio. I'm pretty new to CUSeeMe
>and have never gotten audio. Are there any tricks to setting this up?
>Should I use the SB16 driver or change to the modem wave driver?
>How can you figure out whether or not you should be hearing anything?
>Dana Mulvany

Yes, use the SB16 driver. If you have the participants list open, the name
of the user that is doing audio will be outlined in green. This seems to
STAY green, tho, even after they are through doing their audio.

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