Bill Woodland (
Sun, 19 May 1996 15:23:48 -0500

>From: (George)
>To: <>
window pops up: "Will now upgrade ini file to full-duplex=no". (By
>the way, mu cuseeme.ini file is already at full-duplex=no). No way to
>get rid of that annoying window... and then my program CRASHES!
>How to remedy this problem, dear cyber brothers and sisters? Do I have
>to turn the audio off and be condemned to silence?

As far as I know for the Cornell version, that's the only way to get past
this problem. On reflectors that send audio often, like NASA, you don't
even stand a chance of seeing anything, much less HEARING.

I hope Cornell is still planning on putting out new versions with fixes for
things like this, ini file placement in its own directory, and being able to
refuse a connection when you already are on a reflector.

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