DVC ?'s

Pericles John Lantz II (us031794@interramp.com)
Sun, 19 May 96 16:55:49 -0500

I have not had the opportunity to DVC and am still evaluating my options,
I have read some depressing things about DVC in the may issue of macworld
pg 82

They say the Quicktime camera is not the way to go; that video and audio
are very poor.
Is the new color quicktime camera better, are frame rates faster or
slower or the same.
Any improvement on the mic?

I haven't bought anything yet and am always one to make smart investments.
Any information is appreciated.

Any recommendations over the quicktime camera.


Also this article evaulates CUseeme not enchanced cuseeme.
Supposedly, speech is better with the enhanced version.
Are the video transfer rates the same in color.

Also, I noticed the codecs extension - does this have any conflicts.

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