Wpine Reflector/deployment

Sun, 19 May 96 15:36:19 PDT

Hullo List Readers: I may have caused confusion. The main reason why my whitepine Reflector has
had trouble starting up is that I downloaded a version that required the ELF version of Linux.
I am using an older (1.1.59) version of Linux. I need to upgrade to the newer version and then I
think the Reflector will not have any problems running. Sorry about all the thrashing around.

I'm new to Linux and Reflectors. I suppose somewhere there is a Required Linux Version notice
posted by Whitepine, but I've managed to miss it. Thanks to all who tried to help. Javaid.
Name: Javaid Qazi
Address: 1131 Telfer Avenue
San Jose, CA. 95125
FAX: 408/275-0679
E-mail: qazman@aimnet.com
Time: 17:45:22

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