wire tapping

elliot smith (smithe@minot.com)
Mon, 20 May 1996 04:52:31 -0500

Good sense dictates that it's probably possible to hack a reflector to
eaves drop, but It's plain opressive to have to assume that someone is
listening in. Reflectors are stages for conversations between two or more
people, strangers or maybe even friends. If you're having a private
conversation and someone new shows up, you can be quiet or ping them until
the leave :-) (or heck, you could talk to yourself I guess. You get
better bandwidth that way I've noticed :-) So logging the talk window
sounds evil.

Someone e-mail Zimmerman. We need PGP-Cu-See-Me!

>Wire-tapping? The people speaking on refs, IMO, pretty much consent
>as they know they are speaking in public.
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