RE: NASA TV dropout

Andrew (
Mon, 20 May 1996 23:12:56 +1000 (EST)

Did anyone else receive total dropout of the NASA TV signal for the
shuttle launch last night??

I had been on for hours and was receiving around 50 kps and 10 fps on
average, but, as happened on the last launch, with about 10 minutes to go -
everything dropped to nothing i.e. 0 kps and 0 fps - *very* frustrating -
anyone else have this problem??.

Maybe it was due to lots of people jumping on the site just for the
launch and some wise people even transmitting video at this time (cheers) -
but on another NASA site no one else was transmitting and still nothing.

BTW - the site was the reliable CMU NASA TV reflector.

I remember someone previously posting all the NASA sites, including some
asian ones - could that person kindly repost those sites??? Maybe things
could improve if I go to a local reflector, what do you all think???