Re: wire tapping

George (
Mon, 20 May 1996 13:33:32 GMT

Keith Blair <> wrote:

>I agree. It's like a phone conversation. You go on the assumption that
>you can speak freely because the operator isn't listening in, or that the
>person on the other end isn't recording the conversation. It's a level of
>comfort so to speak.

Obviously, there are undefined greys areas in that unchartered
territory that is the Internet.

On public reflectors, for example, there could be from 5 to 15
anonymous lurkers at any one time. Those are listening in and anybody
who speaks is aware of and accepts that. In public meetings like
this, IMO, there is no such thing as copyright. In town hall
meetings, for example, who's to stop any journalist to take notes?
But I agree that, if anybody would publish the notes he took from a
reflector, it would be better etiquette --but not necessary-- not to
quote the speaker by name or ask him first.

If you want privacy, it seems to me you go to a private reflector,
where you are invited and can talk more freely with a group of
acquaintances/friends, or just go directly one-on-one.