Re: wire tapping

Jim Hall (
Mon, 20 May 1996 12:13:12 -0400

> Good sense dictates that it's probably possible to hack a reflector to
> eaves drop, but It's plain opressive to have to assume that someone is
> listening in. Reflectors are stages for conversations between two or more
> people, strangers or maybe even friends. If you're having a private
> conversation and someone new shows up, you can be quiet or ping them until
> the leave :-) (or heck, you could talk to yourself I guess. You get
> better bandwidth that way I've noticed :-) So logging the talk window
> sounds evil.
> Someone e-mail Zimmerman. We need PGP-Cu-See-Me!

The advantages of a chat log far outweigh the disadvantages. Anyone who is that
paranoid about having their conversation recorded needs to 1) seriously recondsider
where they choose to have such sensitive conversations. 2) seriously reconsider the
types of conversations they are conducting IN PUBLIC.

Let's face it folks...if you were in an analog Town Square, and I shot some video
footage of you doing activities X,Y, and Z, in most cases, I would be well within my
rights to distribute that footage. So why should we consider a FREE (and I don't just
mean monetarily) digital space differently?

There seems to be this warped and misguided perception that being digital is somehow
being more private. If anything it's the opposite. If you go digital, be prepared to
go public.