problem with win95

Bill Hershey (
Mon, 20 May 1996 11:36:57 -0700

Tom, it sounds like you may have or have had more than one copy of
winsock.dll. Go to START->FIND and search for winsock.dll and see what you
get. You should have ONLY 2 copys. One, the one you use, will be in \windows
directory, the other will be in \windows\sysbckup directory, the latter is
used in case win95 detects courption of the primary file, in which case it
warns you to restart the system. Make sure the whatever winsock you use to
use with win 3.1 is removed. If you were using trumpet, it is over 100k in
length, win95's version is 42k in length. After that is done, make sure
cucseeme is looking in the right place, it may be best to delete it AND
cuseeme.ini ( located in your \windows directory ) then reinstall cuseeme.

Feel free to contact me directly if you need more help, we gotta get those
kids online!!

Bill Hershey ( )
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