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Jay Shoup (
Mon, 20 May 1996 18:13:14 +5000

> Furthermore, to deny the recording of any computer mediated communication is to deny
> one of the inherent qualities of the computer : memory and replicability.

So by your argument then, if someone publishes a book or other
intellectual information, because i can i should be able to repoduce

Along those same lines, i now have access to a photo-copy machine,
The technology allows me to "record" it, thus i should be able
to......After all that is what it was designed to do....

Also, since my computer is now capable of taking a audio CD and
playing it, and since i have the hardware/software to duplicate it, i
should be able to distribute it, say for free, to anyone who wants a
copy of it. Or perhaps i can make a copy for my car, one for my home,
one for the beach...etc....etc....etc....

I think you logic is flawed, nothing personnel mind you....

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The 'Murphy Factor'.

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