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Jay Shoup (
Mon, 20 May 1996 18:17:32 +5000

> The advantages of a chat log far outweigh the disadvantages. Anyone who is that
> paranoid about having their conversation recorded needs to 1) seriously recondsider
> where they choose to have such sensitive conversations. 2) seriously reconsider the
> types of conversations they are conducting IN PUBLIC.

The same could be argued for someone using a telephone in my home or
office. Since i have extensions you should reconsider using someother
means to communicate because i CAN listen in.....


> Let's face it folks...if you were in an analog Town Square, and I shot some video
> footage of you doing activities X,Y, and Z, in most cases, I would be well within my
> rights to distribute that footage. So why should we consider a FREE (and I don't just
> mean monetarily) digital space differently?

Actualy, this is not copmpletely so. If you use my likeness of image
for profit and i am not a public figure, it is resonable for me to
expect compinsation...I think this one is clearly supported by law...

> There seems to be this warped and misguided perception that being digital is somehow
> being more private. If anything it's the opposite. If you go digital, be prepared to
> go public.
Digital....This means nothing....The fact is that every time you make
a call outside of your local calling area, you are getting digital..
Almost every phone call is converted into DIGITAL before it is
transmitted by the phone company...Digital means squat....

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