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Mon, 20 May 1996 20:04:33 -0500

>Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 18:37:10 -0400
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>Subject: upping my reception rate
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>I have had no luck in increasing my reception maximum rate is
>set at 5 and my minimum at 10?! I don't understand it either <g>. I'm
>using the freeware version downloaded from Cornell. I can adjust all the
>other options using the sliders on the dropdown menu under the local
>video window, but the reception slider doesn't respond. I've reloaded
>the software for both Cuseeme and for Quickcam to no effect. I'm running
>a 486/20 PC with 20 RAM and a 28.8 modem if that makes any difference.
>Any help in this would be most appreciated. Thanks.

Use NOTEPAD to edit the file c:\windows\cuseeme.ini and change the settings
manually. Look for the following entries:

[Flow Control]

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