CUSeeMe won't recognize the camera...

Chris Mullendore (
Mon, 20 May 1996 19:05:45 -0700

Hello everyone.

I was using CUSeeMe under an original config. I'm using a PMac 7500/100
with composite and svideo inputs. I do this over an appleshare 10Base-T
network connected to a TribeShare 8 which houses a built in portshare
server. This is connected to a supra 28.8 modem that dialsup my PPP
connection. Lotsa room for glitches.

However, I can't get CUSeeMe to recognize my camera(a standard VHS camcorder
with composite output) when I'm connected to the computer. I use the
composite port because the Apple Video Player shows the composite in color
and the s-video in B&W, so I think the mac likes the composite better.

I got CUSeeMe to work once, then I stupidly did a clean install of system
7.5.3 and suddenly it wont work. I don't think CUSeeMe will work with the
Apple Video Player extension, so I removed it, along with anything else that
would cause a conflict, then tried replacing different ones and all of them
and I can't get the bloody thing to work!

BTW...I did reinstall CUSeeMe *AFTER* I did the clean system install...

Anybody got any clues?

Chris Mullendore