Wire tapping??

George (gpl@henry.net)
Tue, 21 May 1996 02:55:23 GMT

"Jay Shoup" <jashoup@indiana.edu> wrote:

>Video taping is a bit different, the laws are much more ambiguous
>there. But you should note, that recording any form of communications
>that utilize a public switched network (IE the telephone) is a crime.
>What the data is is irrelevant. IE Recording Video/Audio/Text that
>comes from Cuseemee over a phone line would be construed as
So everything recorded from phone lines is liable to be wire-tapping?

I'd like to point out to you that even though --just like reflectors--
it used the PHONE lines to be transmitted, this Mailing List --along
with all Newsgroups since 1995-- is being LEGALLY archived right now

Are you telling us it is legal to archive this List but not a PUBLIC
reflector text?

Or are you telling us that all those Newsgroup archivists at
"http://www.dejanews.com", for example, are but mere wire-tappers?
After all, it all was recorded from phone lines, wasn't it?

With the advent of computers and video cameras, EVERYTHING is being
recorded, Jay. Your every credit card transaction shows your habits
and idiosyncrasies to any corporation. The words you write on this
very List and everywhere else may come back to haunt you years from
now. You know you are constantly being monitored by cameras in most
stores, garages, lobbies,etc... Your profile is being monitored right
now in 100 databases all over the country.

But those people are all wire-tappers of course. I almost forgot.