Re: wire tapping

Jim Hall (
Mon, 20 May 1996 22:58:45 -0400

Jay Shoup wrote:
> >
> > Furthermore, to deny the recording of any computer mediated communication is to deny
> > one of the inherent qualities of the computer : memory and replicability.
> So by your argument then, if someone publishes a book or other
> intellectual information, because i can i should be able to repoduce
> it.
> Along those same lines, i now have access to a photo-copy machine,
> The technology allows me to "record" it, thus i should be able
> to......After all that is what it was designed to do....

What we are discussing are the recording of conversations (a la IRC), not
intellectual properties (books & CDs) that have been copyrighted. The issue of
copyright enfringement is a horse of an entirely different (and very ugly) color.

>If you use my likeness of image for profit and i am not a public figure, it is
>resonable for me to expect compinsation...I think this one is clearly supported by >law...

As I stated, in most cases, it would be fine for me to record your activities in a
public place without compensation, the issue of "for profit" being the major
exception. But, I'm not talking about the use of such material for profit, I'm
talking about personal use. I look at the recordability of a conversation with a
friend or loved one, particularly a text based recording, such as CU largely is now,
as an incredibly useful tool. Perhaps I'm naive, but I see its potential for abuse
very much outweighed by its potential to assist and am sadly disappointed that it is
not incorporated into the software.