Re: wire tapping

Jim Hall (
Mon, 20 May 1996 23:38:21 -0400

> > The advantages of a chat log far outweigh the disadvantages. Anyone who is that
> > paranoid about having their conversation recorded needs to 1) seriously recondsider
> > where they choose to have such sensitive conversations. 2) seriously reconsider the
> > types of conversations they are conducting IN PUBLIC.
> The same could be argued for someone using a telephone in my home or
> office. Since i have extensions you should reconsider using someother
> means to communicate because i CAN listen in.....

While your point is valid, you do not, however, follow the model: your home is not public. It
is private.

> > There seems to be this warped and misguided perception that being digital is somehow
> > being more private. If anything it's the opposite. If you go digital, be prepared to
> > go public.
> >
> Digital....This means nothing....The fact is that every time you make
> a call outside of your local calling area, you are getting digital..
> Almost every phone call is converted into DIGITAL before it is
> transmitted by the phone company...Digital means squat....

Perhaps it was an error on my part to use the term "digital" metaphorically. To be more
precise, anyone who goes out on an unsecured reflector, open to all comers and therefore what
one could fairly easily classify as a Designated Public Forum, one should be prepared to accept
that as such, they are subject to the same providences and pitfalls as they are when they are
in a town square, a public park, or walking on the sidewalk.