point to point, ping

elliot smith (smithe@minot.com)
Tue, 21 May 1996 01:04:16 -0500

Bill and Borreri, it is possible to do point to point cu-see-me connections
w/out the internet. I've never used an IBM PC, but it certainly should be
possible, using 2 modems, to establish a mini 2 node internet, using phone
lines or just a length of phone cord plugged between the modems. If one of
the two PCs is a Macintosh, I'm fairly certain it's possible. I have some
pre-packaged settings files for Macintosh point to point on my home page.

As far as pinging people to knock them off line, I've never done it, but in
theory it's possible. Depending on what software the person is running.


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