Win95/PPP and cuseeme
Tue, 21 May 96 08:21:37 EST


I tried to get cuseeme to work using Microsoft's dial-up networking PPP on
a PC running Win 95. I dial-in to an annex, and on another PC using WFW
3.11 and Trumpet Winsock, I have no problem running cuseeme.

On Win95, when cuseeme starts it immediately gives me a "Hm, there may be a
problem" dialog with no error message. When I ok that box, I get two
successive "invalid handle" errors. Cuseeme then throws up a local video
window (I am configured without a video camera !), and if I try to close
the window I get the message "the local video window likes to stay open".

Any suggestions?

(Sorry if this is a known problem--I tried to search archives but found
nothing related to this problem).